Quantifying Images to Accelerate Scientific Discovery

Cutting-edge machine learning solutions to unique and challenging image-based problems.

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What we do

Pixel Scientia Labs merges cutting-edge theory and practice to build data-driven models that find structure in complex images. We quantify images using intelligent learning algorithms that can count distinct objects, segment structures, characterize shapes and textures, classify whole images, and predict outcomes. Our software brings precision, repeatability, and efficiency to scientific applications. Our expertise ranges from mapping millions of rocks on Mars to predicting tumor biomarkers that are too complex for pathologists.

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The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Automate labor-intensive or mundane processes

  • Increase efficiency and repeatability
  • Detect objects, identify anomalies
  • Classify shapes and textures

Assist expert in analyzing images

  • Improve productivity
  • Find regions of interest in a gigapixel image for closer review by an expert
  • Iteratively refine segmentation of an object

Discover and learn concepts beyond human capabilities

  • Distinguish classes too complex for human experts
  • Integrate other forms for data
  • Interpret complex models

Featured Projects

Breast Cancer Subtypes

Image analysis with deep learning was used to distinguish histologic and molecular properties of tumors from H&E.

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Retina OCT Segmentation

We developed a solution for segmenting layers of the human retina from noisy OCT images.

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Imaging + Genomics

Histologic image features and genomics provide two complementary views of tumors. By combining the two, a more complete picture of tumor prognosis and treatment models is possible.

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Why Partner with Pixel Scientia?

We have over a decade of academic and real-world experience in turning scientific challenges into novel algorithms. We have ongoing partnerships with universities that enable us to access and apply emerging research.

We are adept in working with interdisciplinary teams and take pride in clearly communicating complex ideas and results with audiences from all backgrounds.

We know images. While other companies apply machine learning to a broad range of data types, our focus is images.  We often integrate other data types to form a more powerful model, but images are always the core component.

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