Fight Cancer & Climate Change with AI

Guiding R&D teams to a more successful machine learning solution

Using the power of machine learning, I help companies quantify properties of images:

  • Infer molecular biomarkers from H&E histology
  • Find intratumoral heterogeneity
  • Predict patient outcomes using histology and genomic data
  • Estimate greenhouse gas emissions from sources on Earth
  • Integrate data from different modalities
  • Distinguish classes too complex for human experts

Meet Heather D. Couture
Consultant & Researcher

I leverage my expertise to unlock the value in your data, create more accurate models, and generate new powerful insights from pathology and remote sensing images.

Featured in:

Is Your Machine Learning Project Struggling to Create the Insights You Need?

Expectations Exceed Reality

The current hype in AI leads many projects to set an unreasonable target or unclear success criteria leading them to over promise and under deliver.

Experience Deficit

Machine learning appears accessible because of the availability of many open source toolkits. But once you get started, it can be difficult to decipher why a particular model isn’t working, leading to wasted time on unsuccessful approaches.

Data Dependencies

The challenge is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best approach often takes a lot of experimentation, and the most efficient path is dependent on understanding your data.

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