In this episode, I talk with Matt Alderdice, Head of Data Science at Sonrai Analytics, about precision medicine. Sonrai Analytics automates laborious data processes and speeds up new drug and healthcare developments.


  • Machine learning for automating time-consuming and tedious analysis of microscopy images.
  • Training for machine learning practitioners new to pathology by integrating domain experts with your team.
  • Involving stakeholders throughout a project.
  • Literature reviews to search for associated publications and potential solutions to avoid overly complicated solutions.
  • Validating models with ethnically diverse datasets.
  • Analytical validation for differing stains, scanners, and operators.
  • Clinical validation on a held out dataset in the same environment as would be in the clinic.
  • Identifying relevant metrics from conversations with pathologists, oncologists, nurses, and patients.
  • Focus on the problem you’re trying to solve – AI is just a tool.