In this episode, I talk with David Golan, co-founder and CTO of, about diagnosis of acute and emergent diseases. increases the speed of diagnosis and care for a variety of conditions to improve the lives of patients.


  • Increasing access to lifesaving treatments.
  • The importance of the full system, not just the machine learning component, in accelerating workflows.
  • Their clinical AI team includes med students, MDs, biomedical engineers, and neuropsychologists.
  • Bias can be created by a lower performance on a subset of the population in a way that is unknown to developers, users, and clinicians.
  • Careful monitoring of algorithms to identify subsets of data with poor performance.
  • Unbiased collection and stratification of data for FDA submission.
  • The importance of good annotation and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Relatively simple model architectures can take you a long way.