Modeling Roadmap

Afraid your computer vision project will turn into an endless stream of failed experiments?

  • Are you unsure whether you’re focusing on the best model types for your application?

  • Or whether you’re overcomplicating the algorithm?

  • Do you have data challenges like noisy labels or small training sets?

  • Do you need to build credibility with your investors?

Get to market faster with less wasted time on unsuccessful approaches

  • Follow best practices for your unique challenges

  • Clear priorities for your team

  • Understand and communicate technical details to investors and end users

Get a customized roadmap incorporating best practices for your imagery

Using my proven process, I’ll assess your planned project. I’ll focus on your current datasets, target task, and desired outcomes. I’ll outline my findings in a report that will provide a strategic plan for advancing your computer vision project and ensuring that it can support your goals.


  • Increased clarity on the scope of work

  • Decreased uncertainty for the implementation phase that follows

  • Decreased likelihood of going in circles or wasting time on unsuccessful approaches

  • Confidence that you’re incorporating the latest and greatest tools and techniques

  • Save time and money by identifying existing toolkits instead of implementing from scratch

  • Increased likelihood of success

Here’s how it works:

Our meetings will take place over Zoom over the course of 3 to 4 weeks. You’ll start by filling out a questionnaire with some background information about your project. We’ll dive deeper into this in our kickoff meeting, examining the desired outcomes for your project and what you’ve tried so far.

By our second meeting, I’ll have some possible solutions to present to you. We’ll talk through which will be most suitable for your application. Subsequent meetings will refine the strategy for data and annotation requirements, model development, and validation until we’ve settled on the best option for you. We’ll review the roadmap in our final session.

A six week check-in is also included in case you have any follow up questions as your team begins implementing the roadmap.


You will receive a strategic roadmap detailing each of the components below:

  • Images and annotations: challenges, preprocessing, and cleaning requirements

  • Expectations from existing tools and research: software and research literature review

  • Modeling: architecture and training

  • Validation: metrics, generalizability, and error analysis

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to set your project on the path to success? Apply for an Modeling Roadmap by clicking the button below. The price is $15,000, which could save you many thousands down the road.

100% money-back guarantee!

I’ll give you a full refund after our kickoff meeting if you’re not seeing benefits.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Heather has accelerated the development of our machine learning projects by challenging the status quo and introducing the team to new approaches. She helped us get out of the echo chamber and brought an outside perspective with very relevant alternative approaches that would have taken a lot longer to do on our own.

-- Joe Sturonas, Ancera, VP of Systems Development

Pixel Scientia provides valuable insights for Gestalt's image analysis product development. Heather has deep understanding of digital pathology and machine learning and their application to whole slide images. Her in-depth review of the current state of the art research has enabled Gestalt to rapidly focus our machine learning efforts on approaches that are yielding value for our pathologists and their patients.

-- Brian Napora, Gestalt Diagnostics, VP of Sales & Product Management

The roadmap we worked on together is very well written with clear descriptions regarding the tasks we wanted to tackle, the algorithms that could be applied to each one of the tasks, and the data/annotation requirements.

-- Ebrahim Hazrati, Agendia, Senior Deep Learning Engineer

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I only take on one new client a month with this Modeling Roadmap offer. Scheduling is first come, first served. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will get a clear path for your computer vision project.

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